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Shadow Copies

Shadow Copies (2020)

Luna and Terra were copies, once.

Some people were copies of each other. Sometimes the copies seemed just like shadows. But as shadows tend to do, they start talking among themselves, and before you know it that copy has a mind of its own, and then it's not really a copy now, is it...

Shadow Copies is the story of a time when miners and longshore crew left Terra for a life of hard labour in lunar vacuum, struggling to make their fortunes. Many never returned.

For some, it was because space held only death. But for a few eccentric others, it was because the shape of what home looks like became very, very different.

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Episodes from Iceworld

Episodes from Iceworld (2017)

A hacker borrows from a criminal to build an app. But there is no app. And debts have a way of coming back to find you...

This high-tech thriller pits hackers, architects, gangsters and transit police against each other in a desperate struggle of technology and survival.

Whether trying to crack the secret of an encrypted package called Brown Bull, or wandering in the confusion of a family broken by the loss of a father, the winter city residents are still searching for how to live in a landscape increasingly complex and unforgiving.

"Fast paced... an action packed read." - Whistler Independent Book Awards

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About the Author

Mike is a techie who got into newspapers to learn how to talk to other human beings.

His days as a reporter covering news, politics and crime showed him the best and worst of human nature. Endangered species discoveries, fatal highway accidents and cold murder cases shoved their way into his life for years.

A coder since the text-based Internet, Mike was present at the birth of cyber consciousness. His digital work in ocean science, cloud computing and engineering exposed him to giant plasma cutters and industrial machines, power systems, servers and outdoor marine wireless networks. He has installed terminals on a science ship and watched an ice-encrusted navy submarine towed in to be lifted from the water.

His books are fused with the joy of language across the spectrum of machine and human dialects, deeply concerned with the environment we live in now and why we will eventually seek to go beyond it.